Church Officers

Click here for a full listing of Mount Oak’s 2018 church officers.

Church Council

Chair of Council:  Gale TeSelle  (contact)
Lay Leader:  Steve Shandy (contact)
SPRC:  Randy Owens  (contact)
Finance:  Eric Wolfe  (contact)
Trustees:  Kurt Bulger  (contact)
LMAC:  Jennifer Johnson
Missions:  Harriette Thompson
Men’s Ministry:  Buddy Boone
Women’s Ministry:  Linda Owens
Pastor:  Rev. Robert Barnes
Treasurer:  Laurie Hopkins
Youth Ministry:  Seth Johnson (S)
Children’s Ministry:  Natasha Broaddus
At-Large Members:
      Class of 2018 –  Anthony Epps
      Class of 2019 – Gary Greenip
      Class of 2020 – Ramsey Stuart

Board of Trustees

Chair of Trustees:  Kurt Bulger  (contact)

Class of 2018
Joseph Widmayer
Aubrey “Doc” Walker
William Cager

Class of 2019
Alan Macomber
Joe Mensah
Joe Turpin

Class of 2020
John Richardson
Kurt Bulger
Mike Newby

Building Manager:  Kevin Kauffman (S)
Pastor:  Rev. Robert Barnes (S)


Finance Committee

Chair of Finance:  Eric Wolfe (contact)
Church Council:  Gale TeSelle
Trustee Representative:  Kurt Bulger
SPRC Representative:  David Leath
LMAC:  Jennifer Johnson
Contributions Secretary:  Gary Greenip
Treasurer:  Laurie Hopkins (S)
Pastor:  Rev. Robert Barnes
Lay Leader:  Steve Shandy
Class of 2018 — Jonathan Johnson
Class of 2019 — John Gorman
Class of 2020 — Eric Wolfe

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chair of SPRC:  Randy Owens(contact)

Class of 2018
Ann Macomber
Rachel Brunk

Class of 2019
Randy Owens
Rick Macchio
Melissa Cheatham

Class of 2020
Clif Campbell
Beth Keister
Shannon DeCastro

LMAC:  Jennifer Johnson
Pastor:  Rev. Robert Barnes
Lay Leader:  Steve Shandy