Trustee Duties

Trustee Duties

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1.Hold the property in trust for the congregation and denomination.  Maintain a repository for deeds, corporate papers, mortgages

2.Annually review the corporate structure.  Make amendments in the corporate papers and constitution as advised by our attorney.

3.Maintain insurance program, including annual review

4.Supervise the repayment of mortgage, including supervision of bonds repayment,.  Keep records of bond indebtedness, interest payments.

5.Sign contracts for new construction and major remodeling.  Supervise contracts and construction.

6.Secure mortgages of property needed to finance major construction.  Sign mortgages.

7.Supervise and maintain the MO Cemetery Trust Fund.

8.Hire superintendent of MO Cemetery and Superintendent of MO Building and Grounds.  Receive annual reports.  Develop job description, conduct annual review of properties with the superintendents.  Supervise their work.


This is paraphrased from the Book of Discipline.