Trustee Project

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Trustees Projects:  The following projects either were completed by the Mt Oak Trustees (past or current) or are on the pending list.  Some of these projects are major and some minor – but all help the facilities at Mt Oak serve the congregation and the community.

In Progress:

  • Become more Energy Efficient – replacing lighting with LED.
  • Siding for the Church Offices
  • Insulation for the Church Offices
  • HVAC/Boiler for the Church Offices
  • Continue Mt Oak Work Days 


.         Ceiling of the Sanctuary

·         Redo the swale for proper drainage of the parking lot

·         New Driveways leading into the church

·         Replace four HVAC units on the roof of the Fellowship Hall

·         Replacing all of Mt Oak’s thermostats with programmable thermostats

·         Replacement of the sewer line to the offices

·         Remodeling of the children center  – (Major)

·         Renovation of Upper Room (Major)

·         Sealing and remarking of the parking lot

·         Fencing around dumpster

·         Removal of a lot deadwood around the church (as in dead brush and trees)

·         Bridge over swale from parking lot to pavilion

·         Installing new gaskets on the main boilers

·         Painting the Fellowship Doors

·         Upper Room Renovation  (Major)

·         Mt Oak Sanctuary renovation (Major)

·         Move church offices to Parsonage

·         Fellowship floors refurbished.

·         Parsonage renovation  (Major)

·         New ice machine

·         New freezer

·         Both sheds reconditioned

·         Renovation of the Kauffman house (Major)

·         Replacement of the Kauffman heat pump

·         Caulking the windows and Church building

·         The roof on the Fellowship Hall and major flashing work in the fellowship hall (Major)

·         Concrete work, some sidewalk replacement