Mount Oak Fellowship’s History

Mt. Oak Fellowship was formed in 1881.

Originating out of problems that brought to a close the history of the McKendree Methodist Church, which was located at Newton Hill, Maryland (a short distance east of the intersection of Mitchellville Road & Route 301)… Mt. Oak Fellowship was born in 1881.

The church was organized by several families from the area and several former members of McKendree. The founding families were those of Samuel Peach, Jeremiah Duckett, Jonathan Thomas Walker and Clay Hopkins. Jonathan Walker and Samuel Peach were active leaders at McKendree… nevertheless, they agreed that there was a definite need for a church nearer Mitchellville since a large portion of the McKendree congregation came from the Mitchellville and Woodmore areas.

Accordingly, land was acquired from Mount Oak Farm, then owned by Charles and Mary Clagett. The “Mount Oak” name was given to the church because of the source of the land. The deed for this original acre, stipulating that the land was donated for a place of worship and that it would revert to the original owner if it ceased to be used as such, was signed October 27th, 1881. The original trustees were: Jonathan T. Walker, Jeremiah Duckett, Richard S. Peach, George W. Bayliss, William T. Gortner, Benjamin J. Duckett, Robert V. Pumphrey, Walter Duckett and Rufus Beall.

In 1901, the land was deeded outright to the church by Miss Corilla W. Mulliken, great-aunt of Mrs. Corilla B. Clagett. The church has existed on this corner ever since.

Our denomination is The United Methodist Church, but our affiliation is with all Christians everywhere.