Youth Pastor

Pastor Jonathan Brooker

Job Info

Department: Youth – Position Title: Youth Pastor – Contact Info: Phone #: 301-249-2230 ex. 15 – Email:

Personal Info (for more bio information go here)

Married to: Single
When did you begin working at Mt. Oak? August 2011
What is your favorite food? Pretty much anything Italian will make me a happy camper.
What is your favorite TV show?  The Office, but mostly the older seasons.
What was your first job? My first official job was being a “Sandwich Artist” (that’s what they called us!) at Subway.
What was your childhood ambition? To be a rock star
Who inspires you? In life in general, my family. In ministry specific, my hero Jeanne Mayo.
What makes you laugh? I’m pretty cheerful, so it doesn’t take much!
What is your idea of a perfect day? A beautiful spring day out with friends hiking up a mountain and then taking a dip in a nearby creek in the afternoon followed by hanging around a fire that night just talking and laughing.
What is your favorite Bible verse or passage? Titus 3:5; it sums it all up.
What is one of your favorite characteristics of Christ? His passion – for God, for the lost, for the found, for the world.

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