Sermons 2015

We try to record all of the sermons preached at Mt. Oak. These messages can be listened to by simply clicking the title of the sermon from the list below.

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Scripture Reference



12/27/2015Make Known Abroad The SayingIsaiah 40:25-31, Luke 2:16-19When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
12/25/2015A Gift From AboveLuke 2:1-20When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
12/25/2015The Best Christmas EverLuke 2:1-20When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
12/20/2015The Angel Called Him SaviorIsaiah 43:1-4, Matthew 1:18-21When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
12/13/2015Glory to God in the LowestPsalms 80:1-3, Luke 2:8-11When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
12/6/2015The 1st Christmas CarolIsaiah 9:6,7, Luke 1:26-31When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
11/29/2015The Right TimeIsaiah 7:10-14, Galatians 4:1-5When The Time Had Fully ComeRev Jerry Grace
11/22/2015RufusRomans 16:1-4,13The Great Nobodies of the BibleRev Jerry Grace
11/15/2015The Power of Fear?Luke 12:1-12Rev Rick Gray
11/8/2015Onesiphorus2 Timothy 1:13-18The Great Nobodies of the BibleRev Jerry Grace
11/1/2015Micaiah1 Kings 22:1-9The Great Nobodies of the BibleRev Jerry Grace
10/25/2015Jahaziel2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 14-17The Great Nobodies of the BibleRev Jerry Grace
10/18/2015Ittai The Gittite2 Samuel 15:13-23The Great Nobodies of the BibleRev Jerry Grace
10/11/2015The One That Got Away2 Kings 6:24-31Going FishingRev Jerry Grace
10/4/2015Fishing BuddiesMatthew 16:13-20Going FishingRev Jerry Grace
9/27/2015Goin Fishin 3Acts 4:23-31Going FishingRev Jerry Grace
9/20/2015Why Fish?Acts 3:11-21Going FishingRev Jerry Grace
9/13/2015We Were All Fish OnceLuke 5:1-11Going FishingRev Jerry Grace
9/6/2015When Your Fire Starts To Go Out2 Timothy 1:1-7Rev Jerry Grace
8/30/2015You Shall Not Covet1 Timothy 6:6-11God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
8/23/2015You Shall Not LieJohn 8:21-32God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
8/16/2015You Shall Not StealEphesians 4:17-28God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
8/9/2015You Shall Not Commit AdulteryGenesis 2:18-25God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
8/2/2015You Shall Not Murder1 Kings 21:1-10,16-20God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
7/26/2015Honor Your Father and MotherEphesian 6:1-4God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
7/19/2015Remember The Sabbath Day to Keep it HolyMark 6:30-34God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
7/12/2015Do Not Misuse the Name of GodPhilippians 2:1-11God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
7/5/2015Make No IdolsExodus 32:1-8God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
6/28/2015No Other Gods Before MeExodus 19:1-11God's Top 10Rev Jerry Grace
6/21/20151030 Father's DayLuke 15:11-32Father's DayMr Steve Shandy
6/21/20150845 Father's DayPsalm 1Father's DayRev Merritt Edner
6/14/2015Judas IscariotMatthew 26:44-50,
Mark 16:2-7
The Master's MenPastor Seth Johnson
6/7/2015James the Lesser, Simon the Zealot, and Judas (Not Iscariot)John 14:19-27The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
5/31/2015Matthew and ThomasJohn 20:19-29The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
5/24/2015NathanielJohn 1:43-51The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
5/17/2015PhillipJohn 14:1-14The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
5/10/2015The Meanest Mom in TownProverbs 1:1-8Mother's DayRev Jerry Grace
5/3/2015JohnMark 9:33-41The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
4/26/2015James - The Apostle of PassionMatthew 20:17-26aThe Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
4/19/2015Andrew - The Apostle of Small ThingsJohn 1:35-41The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
4/12/2015Peter - The Disciple with the Foot-shaped MouthLuke 22:24-34The Master's MenRev Jerry Grace
4/5/2015It Is FinishedJohn 19:28-35Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
3/29/2015A Word of HumanityJohn 19:25-29Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
3/22/2015A Word of DarknessMatthew 27:38-49Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
3/15/2015A Word of LoveJohn 19:17-27Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
3/8/2015A Word of GraceLuke 23:26-38Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
3/1/2015A Word of ForgivenessPsalm 51:1-13Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
2/22/2015What's the Word?Matthew 7:1-14Famous Last WordsRev Jerry Grace
2/15/2015Dust and Ashes2 Corinthians 4:7-12Lent SeriesRev Merritt Edner
2/8/2015Love is Patient1 Corinthians 13:1-7LoveRev Jerry Grace
2/1/2015Guard Your Hearts1 Kings 11:1-4 & Acts 1:23-26LoveRev Jerry Grace
1/25/2015Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours!Ephesians 1:1-14LoveRev Jerry Grace
1/18/2015Preparing Ours HeartsEzra 7:1-10LoveRev Jerry Grace
1/11/2015Extra Mile LivingSong of Solomon 2:3-13LoveRev Jerry Grace
1/4/2015Compassion1 Thessalonians 3:3-13LoveRev Jerry Grace