Mount Oak Mission theme

“Bringing the Whole Family Together: Families in the Congregation, Community and Mission Field”

Mission Committee: Rachel Brunk, Bill Collins, Laurell Leith, Kurt Bulger, Clif and Mary Campbell, Gale TeSelle, and Harriette Thompson, chair.

The Mission Committee meets monthly and oversees the provision of financial support for Mount Oak’s designated missionaries, keeps the congregation involved and informed about its missionaries, provides opportunities for members to go on mission trips overseas and within the USA, considers requests from missionaries for support and coordinate church-wide service projects that provide specific items for various local and global missions.

Missions1We offer financial support to missionary families through our independent Mission Ministry. This ministry is not a part of the church’s budget. Our funding comes directly from our faithful congregation. Your support has allowed us to provide consistent, uninterrupted monthly support. We praise God and thank you for your faithful support and making this Mission Ministry possible.

Our Mission families are all unique and provide many types of services all over the world. Some of our missionaries are trained Pastors and Church Planters. They provide medical coverage & supplies, serve in elementary to graduate schools, pray with members of the US government, door to door evangelism, serve in food pantries, teach Bible studies & Sunday school, provide homes for orphans and more!

Two of our seven mission families attend our first service; two serve in the USA; one in Canada, one in Panama, and one in Peru. One family we have supported since 1972 and one is supported only by our church and a few Mt. Oak families.

Please pray for our missionaries and see how you too can become involved in missions.  To learn more, email missions@mtoak.org

In addition to all of the above Mount Oak is also involved in local “hands-on” missions.  To learn more about these opportunities follow this link to our “local mission” page.