A Message from Pastor Barnes

You may have heard of an ancient (and allegedly Chinese) curse which is translated into English, “May you live in interesting times”.  The ironic point of this curse is that we crave excitement and change, but life is usually better in dull times when we experience peace and tranquility.  “Interesting times” are usually troubled and uncertain.

Whatever the origins of this curse, we are currently finding out if it is in fact true to life. Due to the Coronavirus we will not be able to do many of the things we usually do for at least another month and probably longer.  Then, when at last life returns to “normal” we are not exactly sure of what “normal” will be like. Will people return to restaurants?  What will it take for us to feel that it is safe to fly all around the world, or even just the country again?  Will people return to sports stadiums?  And what about church, and God, and following Jesus Christ?  Will we go back to the way things were?  Will more and more people worship online in their own living rooms? Will many forget about God altogether?

As we face these and other uncertainties, the leadership of Mount Oak is moving forward, guided by these four unchanging realities. 

1. We are dedicated to encouraging Christians to be true to their faith, even in and especially in, these days of pandemic. 

2. We are still called to find ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and our world.  The world needs the Gospel as much as it ever did.

3. We are determined to keep Mount Oak alive and healthy, even while our in-person activities are largely shut down.  We believe that during this time our church can actually grow in influence and outreach.

4. We are committed to preparing Mount Oak for a new day in which our church reopens and we can again meet with one another and share our faith, face to face. 

Pastor Barnes

Mount Oak Fellowship of the UMC