End of Year Greetings from Pastor Barnes

Dear Mount Oak Family,

The year 2020 is drawing to a close and we have been through many things together.  The virus has disrupted our lives and challenged us to consider just how much we truly believe the things we say we believe.  

As a church we have had to constantly innovate.  Our staff has done their very best to be faithful in their service to Christ and remarkably our entire church family has continued to support the church relationally, financially and spiritually.

As we close out the year I would like to share three things. 

  1. ​The church books will soon close.  If you want to catch up on your giving, and especially if you want itemize your gifts on your 2020 taxes, then you are encouraged to bring your offering to the church by December 31st (the office closes at 11 am), or to have it postmarked by December 31st, or you can simply give online.  And again, we thank everyone for their continual faithful support.
  2. ​In the short run, we are continuing to emphasize online worship as the safest and most reliable way to worship together this winter.  We also plan to continue to offer limited indoor worship on Sundays at 9:00 am and outdoor worship at 11:00 am.   That said, we have never dealt with a situation like this before and so the weather, the virus, or even government regulations can affect our plans on any given Sunday.
  3. ​Finally, this situation will pass and the leadership and staff of Mount Oak remain determined to seek the Lord in the belief that God wants us to share the full Gospel of Jesus Christ with our members, the community and the world.  God does have a purpose and a plan for us.

God bless, and I hope and pray that you cherish this holiday season, stay healthy and draw closer to Christ.

Pastor Barnes

Mount Oak Fellowship of the UMC