Home School Umbrella


Home School Umbrella

Umbrella membership is indefinitely CLOSED.  Exceptions are for families who are members of Mt Oak Church.

Mount Oak Christian Home School exists to help parents meet their God-given responsibilities to teach their children “when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” (Deut. 6:7)

Mount Oak Christian School is recognized and registered by the state of Maryland to serve as an Umbrella to oversee the home teaching for Christian families living in the community. (Please note we are not accredited since we are not a school.  We provide oversight for home school families.  We DO NOT offer classes, just oversight) The Umbrella offers support to families with children in K-12 including High School transcripts and diplomas.

The purpose of the Mount Oak School is to equip parents with some of the tools they will need to teach their own children. Parents choose the curriculum and methods to best meet the needs of each child. The Umbrella provides guidance for planning the school year and twice a year evaluations of the students’ work.

•Annual Portfolio Planning

•Mid-year and Year-end Portfolio Reviews

•High School Transcripts

•High School Graduation

•High School Diplomas

•MACHE membership

•Homeschool Information Updates

•Access to Mt Oak Sports Program that competes in church league

We host the Annual Used Curriculum Fair.  The 2023 Sale will be held on Tuesday, June 6 , noon – 2:30 pm. A flyer with details may be found here.

“It is our task to faithfully teach our children the ways of God. It is the Holy Spirit’s task to work through the Word of God to change their hearts. What your children need is spiritual nurturing.” -Tedd Tripp, Shepherding a Child’s Heart

“The aim of education is to prepare children to live in contemporary society; to develop their relationship with God, His world, and people; and to cultivate an appreciation of culture and ideas. This includes the necessity of being able to ask questions, to draw their own conclusions, and to become independent thinkers.” -Diane Lopez, Teaching Children

Director – Myneko Broadhurst: director.mtoakumbrella@gmail.com PLEASE NOTE that we are currently CLOSED for membership indefinitely. If you are searching for an umbrella, here is a link to other Umbrella groups registered in the state of MD: //nonpublicschoolsdb.marylandpublicschools.org/nonpublic/home_instruction/DisplayLocationsByCounty.asp

Links to Mt Oak Home School Documents

  1. PortfolioAnnualReviewForm
  2. High School Credit Contract
  3. 4 Year Plan High School Credit Form
  4. High School Paperwork directions
  5. Mount Oak Home School Info Sheet
  6. Renewal Application
  7. Work Study Questions
  8. Work Study Manager Review

NEW TO HOMESCHOOLING?  You will need to contact your county and send in a Homeschool Notification form a few weeks prior to beginning your home schooling.  Here is the link to the PG County Homeschool webpage that contains the form and additional information if you reside in PG County: //www1.pgcps.org/homeschooling/  For Anne Arundel County, please visit this webpage:  //www.aacps.org/homeschooling/procedures.asp  If you are brand new to homeschooling and want to find out where/how to begin finding out more about homeschooling your child, visit this great site: //www.thehomeschoolmom.com/homeschool-help/getting-started-homeschooling/ and finally one more site that is a quick summary on homeschooling: //www.homeschool.com/articles/mostimportant/

HOW TO HOMESCHOOL THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL: HSLDA has a great webpage on where to start and what to think about for homeschooling your high school student: //www.hslda.org/highschool/faq.asp  I also found these websites helpful too but they pertain more about high school years and prepping for going to college:  //www.thehomeschoolmom.com/high-school-beyond/homeschool-to-college/ AND https://www.homeschool-life.com/521/custom/16764

HOMESCHOOL RESOURCES In Prince Georges and Anne Arundel County: (Please note that Mt Oak Homeschool Umbrella does not endorse any of the below homeschool groups/opportunities/services but is just collecting known options that exist in our community and compiling them in one spot for you to research for your homeschool needs.) To be added to the below list, please email the Director at homeschool@mtoak.org and you MUST HAVE A WEB SITE that we can link to.  If you need to create one, we recommend www.wix.com.  It is easy and FREE.


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