February 5, 2021

Revelation 101

Revelation 101

The book of Revelation is one of the most interesting and yet problematic books in the Bible.  It obviously is important because of the “size of the subjects” it deals with (the end of the age, the judgment of God and the true Lordship of Christ). Unfortunately, because of the “size of these subjects” Revelation seems to attract an unending supply of absurd guesses and overreaching theories, all designed to explain what is not yet known.  It is no wonder that many Christians have given up on understanding this book, and yet…

If we read the book of Revelation humbly, with an eye toward grasping the overall message and not understanding every prophetic mystery, then the book becomes extremely lucid, sane and useful.  It tells us about our world and the promises of God in a way that gives us both hope for the future and strength for today.

If that interests you, then Pastor Robert Barnes invites you to read Revelation, chapter one and then listen to this introductory lecture.

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