September 26, 2022


Does your faith make sense to you?

Today much of the Christian world does not know what to believe, and so it is like a ship without an anchor that is battered by the winds and waves. Between progressive church teachers who seem intent on deconstructing Christian doctrine from within, and “Bible-affirming” preachers who feel empowered to invent new doctrines, so long as they can tie their claim to a single verse, or a vision, there is very little that seems certain. To use David’s words, “What can the righteous do when the foundations are being destroyed?”

In this week’s message, Pastor Barnes speaks about the Biblical source of historic Methodist doctrine and some of the ways in which the Methodist expression of Christian faith intersects with the larger body of Christ. So, if you are trying to make sense of the Bible’s message then come join us.
An order of worship with sermon notes and announcements is available here.

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