September 12, 2022

All or Nothing — Worship Service, September 11, 2022

All or Nothing — Worship Service, September 11, 2022

For many people Christianity just does not work, largely because they want it to be something it never can be. They want their faith to be a hobby, to be practiced when they feel a need, or have the time. Others want to treat the cross, or prayer, as something like a magic charm, which brings good luck or divine blessing. All of these impulses have a certain logic. It makes sense that a part of us would want heaven and God on our own terms; but that is not the way it works.

This week, and next, we will look at some words of Jesus that can stop us in our tracks and cause us to take stock of our lives and what we call “our faith”. So, if you only want to “pretend” that you are a Christian, this may not be a message for you; but if you want to seriously consider who Jesus Christ claimed to be and what that means, then come join us; online and perhaps one day, in person.

An order of worship with sermon notes and announcements may be found here.
Speaker: Rev. Robert Barnes
Text: Luke 9:18-36

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