June 2, 2021

Complete or Compete?

Complete or Compete?

Pastor Keith Butler offers this morning’s devotion:

Good morning

This morning we look at two words: CompLete and Compete. If you notice the only difference is the L in the middle. God reminded me that the L is for Lord. So when the L or the LORD is removed there is friction.

We were made to CompLete on another but when the L (Lord) is removed we go from compLeting each other to Competing with each other.

How many times has God brought people together for them to do a greater good in HIS name, but the people don’t submit to God’s will or essentially remove the Lord from the equation — so what should have resulted in a mighty work because people of different backgrounds, ages, and giftings should have Completed each other instead ended in disaster because they removed the Lord and they ended up competing with each other over titles, position, and credit.

My devotional challenge today is that we examine all of our lives and relationships and ask two questions.

Is the Lord (L) in the middle of every thing I do?

Am I compLeting people or am I competing with people?

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