February 4, 2022

Getting Along: Session 1

Getting Along: Session 1

Unless a person lives under a stone or is completely off the grid, they have to be aware that American society is fragmented, and many people have lost the ability to “get along” and work together. This is not a new problem.

Thirty years ago, in Los Angeles, a man named Rodney King was stopped by the police and forcefully arrested. The officers were put on trial and acquitted. In the aftermath of the trial, the city of Los Angeles exploded into rioting that has left scars to this day.

As the riots raged, Rodney King appeared on television and asked the rioters to stop their destruction. As he made that request, he raised a profound and poignant question and plea, that haunts us all, even to this day, “Can’t we all just get along?”

It’s easier said than done, but if we are going to make any progress at all, the peace we need, needs to begin within each of us and then spread.

In the month of February, Pastor Barnes will be exploring four types of broken relationships and how they might be healed, at least a little, by applying Biblical principles.

In week #1 he will look at how we can better understand America’s history and build necessary bridges between wounded parties.

In week #2 he will explore the subject of marriage.

In week #3 he will talk about parents and children being reconciled.

In week #4 he will speak of learning to like, or at least love in Christ, those we disagree with politically.

Whatever else he did in life, Rodney King did ask an excellent answer. May he rest in peace, and may we learn to better live in peace.

Speaker: Pastor Robert Barnes

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