February 18, 2022

Getting Along – Session 3 (Parents and Children)

Getting Along – Session 3 (Parents and Children)

Television loves shows about families, but whether the name of the show is, “I Love Lucy”, “Roseanne”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, or “Everybody Hates Chris”, there is a recurring theme in the stories they offer us: families have problems. That’s true on television and that’s true in real life, with the primary difference being, that in real life our problems usually can’t be solved in 30 minutes. (23 minutes if we leave out the commercials)

This week, as we again ponder Rodney King’s most excellent question, “Why can’t we just get along?” Pastor Barnes will offer a few basic truths about why there is so often tension in the relationships between parents and children. Then he will speak honestly about the difference that faith in Christ can make in the way we view those we love, but sometimes struggle to like.

Speaker: Pastor Robert Barnes


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