October 10, 2022

Heaven and Earth — Worship Service, October 9, 2022

Heaven and Earth — Worship Service, October 9, 2022

One of the simplest paths to confusion is to allow ourselves to become convinced that a both/and proposition is really an either/or choice. Millions of Christians fall into this trap all the time. They decide to act as if their faith is only a matter of “going to Heaven” or only a matter of “helping people on earth”. When they do that, they are missing an obvious point.

This week, Pastor Barnes, will share a Biblical truth and a Methodist perspective. Christianity is about experiencing God’s salvation, but along with that, it is also a call to help our fellow man and woman (spiritually and physically). So, if you want to better put together the pieces of your faith, join us this week for worship and truth.
An order of service with sermon notes and announcements is available here.
Speaker: Rev. Robert Barnes
Text: Luke 10:25-37

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