June 25, 2020

How to Worship God in Spirit and Truth

How to Worship God in Spirit and Truth

I came across this video recently and I wanted to share it with you all for today’s devotion.  I was really blessed by this teacher’s quick talk on the basics of worship. Even as a worship leader sometimes I forget the basics and tools that we should employ before and when we are entering into worship to God. I also found his explanation about the different types of worship to be a very helpful reminder. Sometimes we think that worship only looks one way, but really there were seven different words used for worship in the Bible and they each have very different meanings and translations. It really does bring so much freedom when you realize that our worship service on any given Sunday (or Saturday!) is just a small example of the expressions of worship we can have when we are focused on Christ. I hope you all enjoy this short teaching and that it helps to encourage you to a greater place of freedom in worship in your own times of intimacy with God, as it did for me.


Asheley Clark (Worship Leader)



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