July 24, 2020

I Have This Hope

I Have This Hope

Good morning.  As our devotion today, Molly Holloway offers some thoughts and a song.

Quite often when Christians offer praise reports, we say “God is Good!” and “God really answered our prayers.” I rarely see those statements when the news is bad.  But isn’t that part of our hope as believers?  When our circumstances are hard – when we get the diagnosis we didn’t want, or a loved one dies, or a relationship ends, or any other negative thing – do we still proclaim that “God is Good?” When we have poured out our hearts to the Lord, but don’t get what we asked, do we acknowledge that God answered our prayers by saying, “I’m sorry, my child, but the answer is no”?

I’d like to remind us all today that God IS good, and He does hear every prayer.  He grieves when we grieve (John 11:33-35). He understands our prayers even when we don’t have any words (Romans 8:26).  And always He loves us and wants to hold us close.  Because of that we can say along with this song, “I have this hope in the depth of my soul – through the flood or the fire You are with me, and you won’t let go.”


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