March 21, 2022

Lenten Devotional – HUMILITY AND NEED (and Peloton)

Lenten Devotional – HUMILITY AND NEED (and Peloton)

There is an old question that used to get thrown around concerning what it means to be a Christian: “Is faith in Jesus a ‘nice-to-have’, or a ‘need-to-have’?”

For many people today, faith in Christ is something extra that might give meaning to their lives, but Jesus never spoke of it as such. Rather to Jesus, faith was an abject need in all of our lives, a matter of life, and death, and eternal destiny.

So, in a world where everything gets “oversold”, from cars to exercise bikes, what is it that you need most of all? If you are wrestling with that question, then why not invest five minutes of your life in a parable Jesus told about what it really means to go to church and pray.

Speaker: Pastor Robert Barnes
Scripture: Luke 16:9-14


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