March 8, 2022

Lenten Devotional – MONEY

Lenten Devotional – MONEY

Very often messages in church about money are thinly veiled fund drives in which pastors and church leaders use guilt, inspiration, and even the promise of prosperity, to convince their listeners to give more money to their ministry. As a result of the bad taste that leaves, many ministers are hesitant to even try to deliver more balanced, Biblical messages about how we should view our money.

Well… Lent is the season for growing in holiness, and it is both right and necessary that we take our wallets along on that narrow road too. So, if you are open to a seven-minute message about money, that doesn’t close with a pledge drive or a guilt trip, give a listen to today’s Lenten devotional.

Speaker: Rev. Robert Barnes
Scripture: Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 5:42, Luke 16:13

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