April 13, 2022

Lenten Devotional – WORSHIP AND DEVOTION

Lenten Devotional – WORSHIP AND DEVOTION

There are some parts of our faith that are difficult to talk about. One of them is the idea that we should personally worship and even love, God. For some people that makes no sense. For others it is uncomfortable. So, “tell me that we need to go to church, keep the commandments, even give our money, but don’t tell me that I should have feelings of affection and adoration for the Creator of the universe or even Jesus. That’s just too much.”

I understand if you feel that way, and yet…

In today’s devotion we are going to take a brief look at an act of love and adoration which was directed towards Jesus, that is spoken of wherever the Gospel is preached. So, listen in, and then ask yourself, what her story has to do with your faith.

Speaker: Pastor Robert Barnes
Scripture: Mark 14:3-9

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