April 9, 2022

Lenten Devotional – WORSHIP THE KING

Lenten Devotional – WORSHIP THE KING

Sometimes, we are not certain of why it is important to worship God. After all, if God was hungry, he wouldn’t ask us for food (Psalm 50:12), so surely, he doesn’t need our praises.

Perhaps, the reason why worshiping is important has more to do with us. Perhaps worshiping is the natural human response to being in the presence of the Almighty and perhaps it is in the act of worship that we truly commune with God.

Today, Dorinda Amissah reminds us of the nature of the worship we offer to God and Christ. So, if you are a Christian, or simply wants to know what it means to worship God, why not listen to her words. If they don’t teach you anything new, they might remind you of something that we sometimes forget.

Speaker: The words of Dorinda Amissah as read by Pastor Robert Barnes
Scripture: Matthew 21:7-8
Mount Oak Fellowship of the UMC

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