October 12, 2021

Living in “Interesting” Times — Worship Service, October 10, 2021

Living in “Interesting” Times — Worship Service, October 10, 2021

In recent years it has become increasingly easy to look at the world in despair and wonder what is going to happen next. When and if you find yourself doing that, it can help to remember that ours is not the first nation to have problems, or the first generation, to face trials.

In this week’s message, Pastor Barnes preaches from one of Jesus’ more troubling parables. It is a teaching from Jesus that can upset us greatly, until we realize that it gives hope and direction, especially for such a time as this.

So, if the world seems to much for you sometimes, join us for worship this week and remember; God is greater than anything you will face!

An order of worship with sermon notes and announcements is available here.

Speaker: Rev. Robert Barnes
Message: Living in “Interesting” Times
Text: Luke 19:11-27

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