May 24, 2021

Make Room For God

Make Room For God

Children’s Director Shirletta Butler offers today’s devotion:

As we begin to get vaccinated and more comfortable with returning to our “Normal way of doing things”, let’s remember to stay connected to Our Heavenly Father. We NEED during these times of noise, division, decisions, and even personal life changes and challenges to be close to God. There we find joy, peace, love, direction, purification, power, and TRUTH.

So, I just want to encourage you to Make room for God. Let Him in your schedule. Don’t let the distractions of this world STEAL your precious time with Him away from you.

Here are some ways to spend time and connect with him: Talk to Him, Listen to His voice, Read and Meditate on His word, Be still in His presence (and do nothing), and/or Praise/Worship.

James 4:8 (NLT):  Come close to God and He will come close to you.

Psalm 145:18 (NLT): The Lord is close to all who call on Him, yes to all who calls on Him in truth.

Make Room………..

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