December 3, 2021

Overcoming the Humbugs

Overcoming the Humbugs

Have you ever noticed this?

There is almost always something to distract us from the real meaning of Christmas. If it isn’t some personal crisis, the commercialization of the holiday can do the trick. After all, who can think of angels and shepherds when the malls are packed, and Amazon is on back order? Or if the shopping doesn’t get to us, the endless string of holiday parties and extra work will. There is always something.

This year, another layer of distraction has been added. Once again, America is battling COVID-19 and in Prince Georges County the mask mandate has been extended to January 22nd. Whether the mandate is wise or unnecessary, it is harder to sing carols while wearing a mask, except for maybe, “Silent Night”.

In any case, if your blood pressure is rising and you are wondering how you can celebrate Christmas this year, then this week’s short devotion might help you get into the right spirit. In it Pastor Barnes, simply reminds us of how the first Christmas may not have been that perfect either.

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