November 19, 2021

The Important Questions Don’t Have Easy Answers

The Important Questions Don’t Have Easy Answers

In life, there are difficult questions that some of us continually wrestle with, and which others of us give up on and put out of our minds. For many people, the question of how best to relate their faith to their politics, is such a challenge.

In this week’s midweek devotion, Pastor Barnes shares the wisdom of a Christian classic, “Christ and Culture”, by H. Richard Niebuhr. Niebuhr does not try to convince us of who or what to vote for; instead, his magnum opus help us to understand how different Christians look at the world in different ways.

So, if you strive to be “salt and light”, but fear that sometimes you miss the mark, listen to this week’s devotion. It might help you to come closer to the mark. I know Niebuhr’s wisdom has heled me as I try to follow Christ.

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