January 14, 2022

The Virus and the Bible, Part I

The Virus and the Bible, Part I

Today, there is no end of preachers and Christians making absurd claims about the virus. Self-appointed prophets make bold predictions that fall flat, lone rangers scoff, not at some, but at all, government directives, and the conspiracy-minded even claim that the “Mark of the Beast” is in the vaccine. In the meantime, people suffer and our entire society wrestles with how to respond to a crisis that is serious, but not world-ending.

So, what if anything can the Bible tells us about our situation?

The Bible is not a Magic 8 Ball that gives us direct answers to every specific question that we have. That said, besides telling us how to receive salvation through Jesus Christ, it also gives us wisdom and direction for facing life as we meet it. This week, in the first of three messages, Pastor Barnes will offer one important lesson about facing the virus that we can learn from of all places… the book of Leviticus

Speaker: Rev. Robert Barnes
Text: Leviticus 13-14

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