October 22, 2021

The Wesleyan Way of Following Jesus: Session #6 – “Holiness” and “Imperfection”

The Wesleyan Way of Following Jesus: Session #6 – “Holiness” and “Imperfection”

Just what does the true Christian life look like? That is not an easy question. To some people, truly following Jesus means adopting an unreachable standard. To others it means “doing no harm”, and after that, doing whatever they want.

If you sense that neither extreme is really the truth, then you are invited to listen to this week’s midweek devotion in which Pastor Barnes and Dr. Dennis Kinlaw both share about what it means for real human beings to live a holy life.

Speaker: Dr. Dennis Kinlaw of Asbury University and Rev. Robert Barnes of Mount Oak Fellowship of the UMC.
Mount Oak Fellowship of the UMC


“HOLINESS” AND “Imperfection”

1. Do you believe that God expects you to be perfect? How do you “spiritually process” the times in which you fall short?

2. What do you believe that God actually does expect of you?

3. Do you believe that it is “realistic” to think that the Holy Spirit would give you the power you need to resist the temptation to intentionally sin?

4. Does it make sense to you to speak of giving your life entirely to Jesus Christ? If it does make sense, have you done so yet?
(If you have questions about your faith, please feel free to contact our church at MO@mtoak.org. We would be happy to speak with you.)

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